Monday, September 5, 2016

Why should Pokemon Go travelers navigate Fuente Circle?

If you are new to Cebu, you will not have a hard time hunting for pokemon. Let's say, you have lost track of the number of incenses you've used in the past few days nor the lure modules you've successfully activated while staying in coffee shops.

When you are in Fuente Circle, you will be in a haven of common pokemon and pokemon stops. On-lookers for more pokemon balls, hyper pots and revive, the number of pokemon stops in fuente is enough to hit the sack.

  • You can battle pokemons at the Crown Regency Hotel to seek experience. When you win battles, you get Poke coins. When you get poke coins, you get to purchase cool merchandise by visiting the shop. 
  • You can rest at the Fuente Circle and harvest the lured pokemon. Random people use their lure modules at these areas trust me. 
  • When you are hungry, there are plenty of food shops that you can go to. These centers have other players dining in and out before going back to hunt the rare pokemon. Robinson's Cybergate was an exact spot where are a Blastoise was spotted once. 
  • The queue of pokestops reaching Capitol area provides you enough shade and security while collecting items from pokemon stops. The stretch gives you enough kilometers to hatch those 2km eggs you have. 
  • Ramos Street has great pokemons as well. 
  • Use your Pokemon GO Radar and you'll definitely see pokemons reported by other players so might as well be ready for any action. 

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