Monday, September 5, 2016

Why should Pokemon Go travelers navigate Fuente Circle?

If you are new to Cebu, you will not have a hard time hunting for pokemon. Let's say, you have lost track of the number of incenses you've used in the past few days nor the lure modules you've successfully activated while staying in coffee shops.

When you are in Fuente Circle, you will be in a haven of common pokemon and pokemon stops. On-lookers for more pokemon balls, hyper pots and revive, the number of pokemon stops in fuente is enough to hit the sack.

  • You can battle pokemons at the Crown Regency Hotel to seek experience. When you win battles, you get Poke coins. When you get poke coins, you get to purchase cool merchandise by visiting the shop. 
  • You can rest at the Fuente Circle and harvest the lured pokemon. Random people use their lure modules at these areas trust me. 
  • When you are hungry, there are plenty of food shops that you can go to. These centers have other players dining in and out before going back to hunt the rare pokemon. Robinson's Cybergate was an exact spot where are a Blastoise was spotted once. 
  • The queue of pokestops reaching Capitol area provides you enough shade and security while collecting items from pokemon stops. The stretch gives you enough kilometers to hatch those 2km eggs you have. 
  • Ramos Street has great pokemons as well. 
  • Use your Pokemon GO Radar and you'll definitely see pokemons reported by other players so might as well be ready for any action. 

Places to travel for POKEMON GO Philippines.

When you are in the Philippines, you need to know the locations where you can have a hotspot of rare pokemon. These locations have a lair where the game itself pinpoints as spawning points of various pokemon. 

When you say spawning points, the pokemon literally appears over and over again in that location. Common knowledge exempts Spearow, Pidgey, Rattata as all around pokemon. The rest with greater lower spawn rate, players can surely pinpoint where they are. 

These spots may be for Dratinis, Dragonites, Kabuto, Growlithe, Jynx, Fearow, Pikachu, Snorlax, Charizard, Blastoise and even Gyarados itself. Though it is by observation that legendary pokemon are left in the freezer yet by the developers themselves, but definitely it's a must-watch event in the nearest future. 

There maybe luring stations where nearby pokemon aren't the ones lured in, the rare pokemon deals get fixed codes on the spot. I remember Dratinis spawning perfectly near TOLEDO CITY, CEBU. Another update seeing Arcanine near PIER 1, Cebu City. 

Honest-to-goodness, it was a first time to spot a Dratini since July 7, 2016 where it all began. It rained so hard the other day that I had no choice but to let my spirit cross the bridge and catch the first (hopefully more to come). 

With experience, the game encourages players to walk and travel cross the land. Each level is an age of exploration to work well with co-players, search far and wide for pokemon with higher CP, browse the web for more FAQs, download locator apps for spawns and many more. 

This list goes a long way hence this will be updated every now and then: 

1. Fuente Circle and Jones Avenue. 

I choose these places because of the population density of most PoGo players. That's right. There are tons of PokeStops with Gyms around thy neighborhood. 

Robinson's Malls are great places and so as staying at 4PM in the actual Fuente Circle. Just wait for the right players with free lure modules that you can use. 

2. Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. 

Another perfect spot with hybrid mall-goers slash PoGo players. It is by far public domain. 

3. In between Pinamungajan and Toledo City

I had spotted two rare pokemons: Exeggutor and Alakazam along certain greeneries. I have previously read sources hitting some information on spawn points of such pokemons. 

4. Pier 1 near Plaza Independencia

This is a public park which features the famous Fort Bonifacio and the post office. Don't come here at 12 noon but reserve it during the afternoon. There are many pokemons which you can capture here and have relatively lower probabilities to spawn anywhere else in the city. 

5. Tamiya in Lapu2x

Tamiya is a modern zone incubating shops, party clubs and other hangout places.