Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Vote for your Candidate: Miss Universe 2016

Now that the organizers have changed their protocols in choosing the next Miss Universe, the whole world is now on its way to have each fingertip a stepping stone to crowning the heir.

Happening on the 30th of January, half a billion people will be tuned in--whether on live telecast or watching it personally at the SM MOA ARENA. This year will be immensely prestigious for the Philippines and the rest of the world. Of course, in honor of the women in different cultures and spaces, this will mark a culture and a long-lived tradition since 1952.

How can you take part in this once-a-year audience share? In this photo below, you'll see steps to have a daily voice to whom the next heir will be.

Voting for your candidate

Download the Miss U app from the appstore or Google Playstore and sign in with your facebook account. 

You are only allowed to cast 10 votes daily
to all the candidates you are rooting for, or perhaps to only one candidate you want to win.

Here: You will be casting a total of 70 votes until the poll precincts close by the 30th (that's just solely coming from this app).

Make sure you click that tiny box below to finalize all the results.