Friday, July 15, 2016

Maldives of the Philippines: El Nido, Palawan.

This island is also known as Dilumacad Island which stands beautifully in Bacuit Bay. The last pit stop before going back to reality; A winning toast for Package C. 

Why is it a winning toast? See the gallery below. 
As people named it Helicopter Island, there seem to be requisite propellers which are missing until now. Nonetheless, if you have barely 24 hours to live, you might want to spend it here with the gentle waters reminding you of this spanish line: La vida es bella. 

The mystery covering this island is said to be mystical with nature goddesses sprinkling the island with calm waters and gentle sea breezes. 

Travelers have oftentimes misjudged photos and eventually took in group photos with overcrowded destinations. This serene haven is not overcrowded and the number of words I have aren't enough to paint this entire travel. Backpackers alike seem to stay longer--meditate, pray and take a deep breath before fighting the next rounds in the real world (Yes, this sucks a big time). 

As you can read in my previous posts, I have a listing of things you need to bring. One of these is the DOME PRO which gives you two perspectives in one shot: the air and the water. Two basic elements which can add beauty and charisma. The underworld with flourishing flora and fauna and the white painted skies. It truly is beautiful. 

It's never the destination that matters; it's the journey itself. Having fun photos while you are seated can be one great way to kill boredom and to sneeze out the cold sea breeze. (it was really cold honestly). 

Though some travels can be fought alone, this one isn't. Being with acquaintances which have turned out to be great company was the greatest realization I've ever made. Once again, do not forget to bring blankets to warm you up. 

Amenities? They sell ice cream here. Only Nestle products are sold in El Nido. 

The Maldives of the Philippines blossoms with the fine sand beaches which stretch enormously until you find the melancholic orange skies above you.

 The irregularities remain subtly lovely and the serenity clothing the place is priceless. Unlike other beaches, this is not overrated. I mean this in a holistic way as crowds are not as intimidating in overrated ones.

Basically, the pictures tell the truth. Nothing is concealed, and the truth of how this Helicopter on land can take us to greater heights is enough vessel for travelers. If you really wish to spend the best summer, try it here.

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